maritime law

Baltic Lawyers

In the field of maritime trade and commerce we advise our clients at every stage of transporting their cargoes while sailing. Taking into account both the safety and the economic interests of the shippers, we strive to optimise their decisions:

  • choosing the right insurer,
  • the insurance rates for the types of cargo indicated,
  • the type of maritime transport contracts entered into,
  • involvement in joint accidents and collisions,
  • custody of maritime units.

At the request of our clients, we also handle cases in the field of:

O&ROS - (oil&rig offshore support)
Support for projects in the Oil & Rig sector, with particular emphasis on
offshore industry.
2. SS&LA - (shipyard support & legal advising)
Support and advice to the shipyard industry.
3.CT&DD - (container terminal & depot dispute resolutions)
Dispute resolution services for damage cases in connection with
container terminals and depots.
container depots.
4 C&CCS - (container cargo claim support)
Advice, support and representation in container and cargo damage cases.
and cargo claims.
5. ATCC - (assessment of technical container conditions)
Legal and technical audit of containers.
6. CC - (cruise claims)
Management and handling of maritime tourism claims.
7. LS4PST - (legal support for professional sailing team)
Legal advice for professional sailing teams and their crews.
8. YR - (yacht registration)
Registration of sailing yachts and motor yachts at home and abroad.

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We also represent domestic and foreign shipowners and other participants in maritime trade in Polish ports, as well as in court and arbitration proceedings.

On behalf of crew members we seek payment of outstanding dues from domestic and foreign employers, as well as compensation for accidents on board ships and other sea-going vessels.

We also represent seafarers in criminal and administrative proceedings before maritime administration bodies.