Law firm

Baltic Lawyers

We offer professional and comprehensive legal services for businesses and individuals. In particular, we specialise in serving maritime businesses and providing legal services to seafarers.

Prawo Morskie

Maritime law

freight, bill of lading, container, port services, logistics

Commercial and Business Law

registration of companies, shareholders' meetings, service of commercial law companies

Civil law

Successions, divorces, payment cases, commitments, claims


consultancy, contracts, cargo, property

Real estate

development agreements, property audits, transaction support

Reliability and experience in industries such as:

Brewing, publishing, construction, food and retail, distribution, pharmaceutical, or widely understood shipping industries, supported by extensive knowledge of such areas of law as maritime law, international maritime law, business law, civil law, administrative law, corporate law, are the pillars on which we build trust in dealing with our clients, taking any, even unconventional, action within the scope of applicable law to meet individual client needs. The aim of the Law Firm is to provide reliable and professional legal advice, taking into account business objectives and market conditions.